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Touch screens have been one of the greatest inventions second to a pain killer…can u imagine a world with no pain killers? Before pain killers…pain was a killer…before touch screens keypads were noisy all over. However before touch screens big fingers were fast in typing without auto correct screaming at them.

A holographic keyboard and also known as the Virtual Keyboard in the field of electronics is a Bluetooth-enabled Keyboard that can be connected to almost any
computing system (laptops, PCs, PDAs, Pocket PCs or smartphones, and they must be Bluetooth enabled
It projects via infrared, a holographic
keyboard on any flat opaque surface.


virtual keyboard

It works just like an item counter…
1. There is a laser device connected to ur phone/computer.
2. The laser directs a beam of light to a NON REFLECTIVE surface through a Diffractive Optical  Element (DOE), which is simply a tiny image of the keyboard. The DOE, along with special optical lenses, expands the image to a usable size and projects it onto a

How do u type?
3. At the bottom of the laser device is a red diode emitting IR (Infrared) beam parallel and invisible to the image of the keyboard on ur desk… i.e. After u type, (u kinda break the “circuit”) a CMOS(complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor)images your finger’s position within the area of the keyboard, and a special sensor chip called a Virtual Interface Processing Core analyzes the location of the intended keystroke. The device then sends this info to the computer receiving the commands.

Rumors are that the iPhone 5 will come with an inbuilt device for the virtual keyboard but its very impossible…first its expensive, power consuming and will make the iPhone huge as opposed to this image.


iphone 5 concept keyboard

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