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Batman’s Bat crashes into the sea and your seats inside the movie
theater rumble back and forth…and the water splashes on your face. In the latest bid to attract moviegoers back to theatres where 3D is already common, technology companies are pushing in a new system known as 4D.


IMAX 3D movies are currently the best things we have in theatres…watching Spiderman throw a web at ur face is just so real…normally after an IMAX movie…2D or 3D I get “hangovers” like I want to go back in and stay all night…Dark Knight Rises was in 2D but IMAX Cameras are so awesome you move with the cameras everywhere…flying with them!



What if…u actually felt spiderman’s web touch your face? What if your chair actually moved when cameras move, say while James Bond is sky diving. What if you felt the feeling of Selina driving the Lambo Aventador in Dark Knight Rises? What if you felt water and fog in your face while watching Ice Age? That’s what 4D is all about…its not actual geometrical 4 Dimension BUT 3D with Physical Effects.


4D physical effects are expensive to install and are usually presented at special venues, such as theme parks. Thailand, Mexico, Hong Kong, Nepal, South Korea, India, and the U.S., have some movie theatres with the ability to present a 4D film, and Avatar was one of 10 films tihat have received the effects.


Its all about Simulation. Motion simulators are widely used in these types of theatres.

Lots of companies like CJ Group of South Korea are already installing the software in theatres. They hope to furnish nearly 200 U.S. movie theaters with equipment that will move seats, emit scents and perform other special effects.

Merlin Entertainments London Eye with the 4D movie feature now

The shoot of a 4D Film at the London Eye

4D physical effects are however not new to us.

1. D-Box Technologies of Canada launched moving seats in North
American movie theaters in 2009 with “Fast & Furious,”

2. Director William installed buzzers in theater seats for his 1959 horror film “The Tingler.”

3. Filmmakers heightened onscreen action with in-theater odors. Smell-
O-Vision was used in the 1960 movie “Scent of Mystery,” it had 30 odors (brandy, flowers and gunsmoke) across the audience.

It takes 16-20 days to program the 4D effects into a movie and about $2 million to build a 4D theatre.