10,000,000+ million sales and counting, those are the sales numbers of the Samsung Galaxy S3. But even before comparing these two, have in mind that the following iPhone specs are rumors. The iPhone 5 release date is September 12, 2012.

My Scoreboard results:

iPhone 5 = 7points                    Samsung Galaxy S3 = 9points

1. Body: The Galaxy S3 measures 71 x 137 x 8.6mm and 133g, the leaked iphone cases on the other hand suggest that the next iPhone will be just 7.6mm; 1mm less than the Samsung Galaxy S3Scoreboard (iphone +1, galaxy -1)

iPhone 5 (left) dimensions as rumored right is the Galaxy S3

2. Display: Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8inch Super AMOLED screen, 1,280 x 720 resolution while the iPhone 5 is rumored in at  4inch screen IPS, 1,136 x 640 resolution. Scoreboard (iphone -1, galaxy +1)

3. Processor:
iPhones are certified to ARM mobile processor style, therefore this might just imply that iPhone 5 will have the same quad core processor as its predecessor, the current-gen iPad runs an A5x chip with a quad-core GPU, and a dual-core CPU. This means maybe the the iPhone 5 chip will be an update of the A5x, the A6 but with a lesser resolution screen than the iPad, it may not need those two extra central cores. A win for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which on the other hand utilizes a Exynos 4412 chipset and quad core CPU that runs at 1.4GHz. Scoreboard (iphone -1, galaxy+1)
4. Prices:
This is definitely another score for the Samsung Galaxy S3, prices differ in many places but range from Ksh60,000 (USD705) in Kenya, USD691 in South Africa. The cheapest comes from AT&T at USD 199.99 on a 2year contract and USD549.99 without contract. The iphone 5 on the other hand is rumored at USD800. End of story. Scoreboard (iphone -1, galaxy +1)
5. Connectivity: 
Big change here, the 30-pin connector used across iPods, iPads and iPhones in favour of a 8pin or 19pin connector. This will be a BIG disappointment to those with various iphone dock devices in their cars and all over since the new iPhone will not work on those connectors.

(Left) an impression of the smaller port (Right) circuit board of the iphone

“The audio electronics inside the iPhone are at the bottom left of the circuit board, explains an unnamed engineer on Quora and there is no space for the headphone plug at the bottom of the device, this means that a long flex cable is needed to route the signal to the top of the device, where the headphone jack is, this adds to the cost of manufacturing because of the complex cable needed to run through the entire phone, and also adds a few minutes when the phone is being put together on the assembly line. Moving to a smaller connector would allow space for the headphone jack at the bottom of the new iPhone (just as reports indicate), as well as lower production costs” The Samsung Galaxy S3 lets you use microSD cards and uses the microUSB standard. Handily, it’s MHL compliant, too, able to output HD video with surround sound audio to an HDMI port when used with the right cable you can drag and drop files when plugged into a computer over USB unlike the iPhone which uses the sync function. Scoreboard (iphone +1, galaxy +2)

6. Camera

– Its rumored that the iphone 5 patented for a 3D Camera. If this is true, believe me this would undo everything on my scoreboard, that would be amazing!

Apple patent outlining a 3D camera

its also rumored to have multi-focus feature that will let you choose several points in a scene that you want to be perfecty clear and sharp. Both phones however show an 8MP camera with the Samsung Galaxy S3 having an ability to record a full HD 1080pquality video. Scoreboard (iphone +2, galaxy +1)

7. Battery:

iPhone 5 has a rumored 1430mAh (TBA) while the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 2100mAh. No competition here the Galaxy has taken out even the HTC One S (1800mAh) and the Sony Xperia S (1750mAh). Scoreboard (iphone -1, galaxy +1)

8. Software

Apple’s iPhone runs its own iOS software, iOS 6 is expected this September maybe in time to coincide with the iphone 5  while Samsung’s Galaxy S3 uses Google’s Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and a TouchWiz overlay. Jellyfish 4.1 will be available for upgrade in most android phones including the Galaxy S3. Scoreboard (iphone +1, galaxy +1)

9. Storage

Both phones and their predecessors have been coming with a 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Rumors however say that there may be a 128GB version of the iphone 5. Scoreboard (iphone +2, galaxy +1)