iPhone 5 Winning before its debut


For the last couple of months, Samsung has had a booming steady sale of its Galaxy S3 while the big question remained, will the iPhone 5 beat those numbers?

Apple shares are up about $14 (2%)
following the company’s legal win against Samsung last Friday after it was found to have infringed on mobile device patents owned by the
Apple and hence  awarding Apple more than $1 billion in damages.
That move boosted Apple’s stock to a new intraday high around $676 per share. On the other side, the stock of Android OS maker Google dipped about 1.3 percent in morning trading to around $669. Android is now playing stagnant due to the uneasy air created by Apple with its market share and newcomers waiting to see what the iPhone 5 is all about. The  iPhone 5 will be another beneficiary of the legal victory too.


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